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Nic the Bombay, the Cat of the Day
Name: Nic
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bombay
Home: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
   I was looking through a local freebie website just for fun. I was not looking to adopt a cat, but then I saw this picture of a black cat. i love black cats the most, so I decided to call and ask about him. He needed a new home - and I had a good home for him! I went to Vancouver, Canada and brought him home on transit. It was quite a trip, but well worth it. He will turn fourteen on December first!

     Nic was scared at first in his new home here in New Westminster, but he quickly settled in. .He is funny - he loves to sleep in dresser drawers. He loves to snuggle, cuddle and hug. and he even gives kisses on lips and nose rubs. How anyone could have ever not wanted him is a mystery! He likes to jump on my tummy like a trampoline, but last December, he landed on me the wrong way and cracked my ribs. Owch! But I own Nic and he owns me, and neither of us would have it any other way.

Nic the Bombay, the Cat of the Day Nic the Bombay, the Cat of the Day

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