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Oreo the Cat
Name: Oreo
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Hanson, Massachusetts, USA
   This handsome boy is Oreo. I rescued him and his brother Tigger and they have been total love bugs since. He and his brother were abandoned and had little to no human interaction. Once we bathed them and kept them fed, they were the cuddliest and friendliest cats ever. Oreo and I got off the wrong foot, and I am pretty sure he hated me for the longest time because he wouldn't even come near me. This first photo was a new start for both of us. He let me get close to him so I could pet him and love him. Ever since then he's been sleeping with me, or goes outside with me and the dogs (he actually reminds me of a dog. He goes out, potties, then comes back in asking for a treat. During the winter his fur becomes so fluffy. This picture doesn't do him justice.

     He has his biological brother Tigger, and his half sister Calli with him. His adopted family includes: a mini schnauzer (Zoey), a Pomeranian (Snickers), and a almost 5 month Siberian husky (Link) and five humans. You can usually find Oreo cuddled up either with Zoey or Snickers, or being chased down the drive away by an ambiguous puppy. In his free time he and his brother are great hunters and keep the field mice and other rodents away. He brings them home as gifts for his humans to clean up after him. I love him!

Oreo the Cat Oreo the Cat Oreo the Cat Oreo the Cat

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