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Skittles the Tuxedo Cat
Name: Skittles
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Cat
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
   Skittles is a female kitty. She's four years old and eats us out of house and home! My son and I got her from our next door neighbor, who also owns Skittles' sister! Ever since she was a kitten, she hated when we had to leave without her. She 'fixed us' though. How? We caught her putting our money in her mouth, and finding it underneath a chair, or hiding my son's wallet or digging in my purse! It was so cute, I'd stay with her until she got comfortable with being alone.

     As she got older, we realized that we have to keep dry food available all through the night. Why? Because even after getting her fill of dinner, come the evening when we're ready for bed, she's up racing through the house leaping on chairs and jumping off, and running from room to room on and off our beds and up into the window sill with this crazy look in her eyes as if she's chasing birds! Then she stops and nibbles and then back to leaping until wee hours!

     Archie (whom we refer to as her 'little brother') is our guinea pig who has an open top cage and by morning, after she's done running like a find her asleep either nuzzled up close beside one of us on one of our beds, or asleep in Archie's cage with him! She's a great, sweet kitty. Her name is Skittles, but she also answers to her nickname, "Baby girl!"

     She plays hard and lives to play with her 'bag.' This is a burlap bag that we sometimes hold up and she leaps into the air onto the bag and loves to dangle herself by her claws from the bag or climb inside as we swing her! The bag is practically shredded, but it's her bag-toy!

     What makes her special? She's great company. She loves coming close and nudges her head to me for a kiss. And at four years of age, she still likes to cuddle on my chest like she did as a kitten.

Skittles the Tuxedo Cat Skittles the Tuxedo Cat

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