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Lady the Persian Cat
Name: Lady
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian Cat
Home: Kiev, Ukraine
   This is my pretty Persian cat, her name is Lady. Lady is my second cat of this breed. I had a male Persian cat, but unfortunately he died seven years ago, I cried a lot that night, as I loved him very much.

     Soon my parents brought Lady to our family. She doesn't like guests, just prefers us, her family members. She absolutely adores playing with small balls and with a rope or ribbon, but we do make sure to put the ribbon away after play time, just so she doesn't try to eat it and hurt herself.

     Lady is not satisfied when people touch her, she prefers affection on her own terms. So sometimes she comes to us and shows her love and wants to be noticed. Then we are glad we get to be petting her and she is happy, too! She is an independent girl, so that makes these times even more special. We love Lady!

Lady the Persian Cat Lady the Persian Cat Lady the Persian Cat

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