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Brownie the Tortoiseshell
Name: Brownie
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell
Home: North Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Brownie is the cutest little cat, she is always jumping around the house she is so silly sometimes! When she is outside she is climbing trees and hunting small animals! She also sleeps in the weirdest spots ever, I can never seem to find her.

     Brownie was my first cat but we had a family cat before her which is still alive his name is Jibs. My dad wanted a playful cat, and when we saw Brownie she would bite my finger through the cage and follow me around! So that's how decided to get Brownie.

     Brownie is so adorable, at night she loves to leap around the house chasing mice. When she's done she curls up on someones bed and snuggles in that one little spot. In the morning she gets up bright and early and starts meowing for breakfast, then at night she's starting to meow again for dinner!

     Brownie likes crawling on her stomach just before she has dinner or breakfast. She is a very good climber and seems to reach very high and difficult positions with ease. Her favorite game is to hide and observe what we kids do and when she is ready she jumps out of her hiding spot to join in. Brownie is best cat I've seen when it comes to parkour. She jumps off roofs onto fences, once my sister when on the roof to pat her she jumped off the roof on the fence and went into the neighbours backyard!

Brownie the Tortoiseshell Brownie the Tortoiseshell

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