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Tsuki the Egyptian Mau
Name: Tsuki
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Egyptian Mau
Home: New Milford, New Jersey, USA
   Tsuki is our musical little boy. With every chirp, chortle, and mewling he makes, we fall deeper in love with him. Tsuki is an energetic and playful kitten that isn't afraid of anything. He takes after his big sister, Suna, our calico. His mannerisms and charm are a mirror to her own.

     Tsuki loves to snuggle with us any chance he gets. He shows his appreciation to us with a little dance, kneading and circling in place with his musical tones. Waking up to be serenaded by Tsuki is an experience that we look forward to for the many years to come.

Tsuki the Egyptian Mau Tsuki the Egyptian Mau

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