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Jingle the Tabby
Name: Jingle
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Hamilton, Ohio, USA
   This is my cat Jingle, and she is a brown and black tabby girl. Jingle is special because she is so nice, well to me anyway she is! I say that because she always comes when I call and she does not do that for any one else. I like how her stripes come together on her forehead, and you can see the proper tabby “M” clearly, too.

     We got her from one of my dad's friends. When we got there, there were four cats and then this kitten popped out of a bush, so then I picked her. When she was a kitten she slept all day, and never did anything she just slept. Now when ever I call her name she comes, but when someone else calls for her, she never answers.

     Jingle is just so so so so so special. She's also really cute and she always sleeps with me, not anyone else in the family. That's why I think JIngle is the best cat in the world.

Jingle the Tabby Jingle the Tabby

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