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Yuna the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Yuna
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: Arkansas, USA
   Hello! My name is Yuna Yoko. You can call me Yuna though, Yoko is just my middle name. My human found me at a store called Petsmart. To be honest with you, I don't really remember much of my story- I was a bit too young, but here is what I can remember. Apparently me and a bunch of my litter-mates were found in a box outside of a vet's office, the vet took us in cared for us a bit and took us to the local animal shelter. From there, we got to go to petsmart, it was pretty nice inside petsmart. People would always come and handle me and pick me up, but I never got taken home with someone. I would always think "when is my special person going to come?"

     Finally one day, a girl and her boyfriend were looking at us at PetSmart, she picked up one of my littermates and loved on and petted them, but I guess she didn't feel like she was that kittie's special person. She then picked me up and instantly fell in love with me. The next thing I know, I was put in a little kitty carrier and was on my way to my new home! I have of course, moved around since then - but I will always be with my girl! I came with the name Yoko, but my owner felt like that name did not fit me 100% so she choose Yuna for my name. It fits me very well I think. I am a Yuna Kitty. I will also let you know when I want attention or am hungry. Usually by swatting at your feet. I also love catnip and love to roll around in it. I am currently on my owner's lap, as she is typing this out. I sure hope she doesn't leave anything out!

     My owner is the best, and always making sure I have the best care possible. I have had to go to the vet on multiple occasions, due to skin conditions (as you can see on my forehead- it's a battle scar, and just adds to my charm). I am allergic to fleas, which is why my skin was acting up, but we have long since controlled it and I am as healthy as can be. My owner only feeds me the best cat food! Sometimes she'll give me a treat and feed me salmon as well, I love salmon- it is my favourite!

     Well, I guess that's about it. I really hope you enjoyed my story as much as my owner enjoys me!

Yuna the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day Yuna the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day

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