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Pookie the Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Pookie
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: North Branford, Connecticut, USA
   His given name is Lucas, but he's usually known as Pookie, Pookie Smookie, Stinky Butt, Pookie Pie...) is the love of my life. I have always wanted a Maine Coon so I looked through and found him.

     Pookie is crazy!!! He would play all day if someone can keep up with him. He can hop really high like a kangaroo. He wiggles his butt when he is about to make an attack. He loves his brother, Neelyx, as you can see in the other picture. He is mischeivous. He will get into everything and anything. He has the biggest paws I have ever seen. He is super friendly and extremely well behaved for vet visits. However, he is horrible in the car. He is not a lap cat nor a very lovey dovey kind of cat but he has definitely become more affectionate. His favorite game is the shadow game. If he sees a shadow that has movement - he goes bonkers!!! His other toy that he loves is this crinkley ball on a flexible stick. I stick it on one of his scratching post and he goes nut over it. Unfortunately, because of his feline ferocity, the toy does not last very long.

     The other things that Pookie loves is being brushed, his treats and tuna. He has had some medical problems recently and though he is okay now it's something that we feel will be ongoing the rest of his life. I also hope that he will gain a couple of pounds. Otherwise, he is as active as a kitten. I love him so much for bringing so much laughter and joy to my life.

Pookie the Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day

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