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Milo the Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese
Home: United States
   This is Milo, he is a one-year-old Siamese cat. A little backstory, if you must, about how we got him on the first place. It was on a Summer Break, we were heading out to California to see the notorious Yosemite National park. We had a five-year-old Calico named Apple. She didn't mind attention as long as she desires it, she was a very assertive cat. We loved her, as we did with all of our cats before. Apple didn't like being in the RV as it was moving from side to side from the cracked old road. We stopped by to an Uncle of ours. Of course, having a big family tree we don't see every inch of our family. Perhaps just a scratch on the surface. We were going to stay the night on this barren acre of farmland. The closet small town was miles away, so they were pretty isolated.

     It was on that night, that very night, when everything took a left turn. It was dark and loud with coyotes and crickets. I opened the door to prepare food for Rocky, a chihuahua mix, not realizing that I didn't close the door completely. It opened wide revealing a curious calico cat. Apple liked to go outside, but her pupils were dilated. When they are dilated, she's filled with energy that she wears off by running, and that's what she did. She ran straight out towards the crops and back into a garage of some sort. My mom and I tried to catch her. But she took off, and the last time I heard her meows echoing in the garage. Then, she was gone. Forever. My dad said that they will find her but we already knew. Once they're gone, they're gone, especially is such a wild, unfamiliar place. Apple didn't have her collar on either, so it only makes the guilt build up.

     I couldn't sleep that night, I was constantly looking out the window in hopes she would return. Or that this was just a really vivid nightmare. But what made it worse, was that I had her for a long time. I saw her when she was born, when she opened her tiny eyes for the first time, when she had her first bath and all the memories. Now she's gone.

     My parents swore we would never have another cat. We still went to Yosemite, but it wasn't as fun anymore. We came back exhausted and sad. Days later, my mom wanted to tell us something. It made us extremely happy. She wanted to get another chance, a chance to get a kitten. I remember how I felt too, I was numb and tingling, but in a good way.

     We went to the Humane Society Shelter to look for the perfect one. All I remember were a bunch of fuzz balls playing with toys and sleeping in weird places. Pretty typical for a cat. We didn't want just any cat, we wanted a cat who was affectionate and wasn't shy with new people, that plays but was not too active. We did a meet-and-greet many kittens, but many were shy or didn't like being touched. We came home with nothing, but we didn't even meet all of the kittens, only a few. It was just crowded that day, and the kitten we had interest in was adopted already. By this point, we were just going to give up.

     But we decided to try again, only this time it was early with few people and a chance to find the one. That's when we saw a white kitten sleeping in his cage. He had big ears and beautiful blue eyes. We took him out of the cage to do a meet and greet with him. The Shelter named him Micheal, and apparently he was a stray kitten found without a mother with only two of his sisters aside him. Obviously the two sisters were adopted, with only little lone Micheal left behind. After he was in the room, we immediately fell in love with this adorable kitten. He played with his toys, he slept a lot, and was really open with us. He didn't jump on the walls or hid in the corner like the rest. He was perfect. He was the one. When we finally gave him the home he deserves, he was the missing part of the family puzzle.

     From day one to right now, he is an amazing cat. He just turned a year old, and is doing great. He's also really funny, he sleeps on his back like a person, he is impatient when you are feeding him, and he loves to play fetch. He is also a hoarder cat, taking stuff and hiding it under the couch. His favorite toy is a Stellar Jay plushie, as well as his cat tree we made just for him. He's cross eyed and does have a difficult time seeing. Sometimes he puffs up because all he sees is a black blob of blurred vision instead of me. He is talkative and very clingy. He doesn't like being alone so he meows in many ways so he could get the attention he wants. Especially, at night. He loves going to my room, but that's only because he saw my room first when he was in our home for the first time. Milo is a really big cat too, we knew that before we even adopted him. His big ears, and how he walked with his long legs. He is my special baby boy, and will be for years to come and even after death. He was indeed the perfect one.

Milo the Siamese, the Cat of the Day Milo the Siamese, the Cat of the Day Milo the Siamese, the Cat of the Day

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