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Seven the Bengal , the Cat of the Day
Name: Seven
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal
Home: Voorhees, New Jersey, USA
   This is my Bengal cat, Seven. I adopted him from my father's friend. He is eight years old now and lives with me in Voorhees, New Jersey.

     He is a crazy cat. He can open doors using the handle and always steals pencils and pens from our hand, taking it away to hid it under the beds or sofas. He was an indoor only cat until he peed on the bed, then my mom kicked him out so he is now an indoor-outdoor cat. He loves it outside, and unlike my other cats he only stays on my property, which is nice.

     Every time I give a hug or kiss he likes to give me a kiss or when I touch him he sometimes likes to give me little baths. It is so cute because he doesn't do that to anyone else. The only way he plays is if you hide your hands and make a figure pop out and he will attempt to attack it will his declawed paws (his previous owner had that done, not me) and his teeth or shake a pencil or pen and he will go after it. Even though he is a klutz and has no cat-like sense of balance, he is an amazing cat that I love dearly.

Seven the Bengal , the Cat of the Day Seven the Bengal , the Cat of the Day

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