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Sam the Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sam
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
   Sam is unique, he loves to roll around outside in the sun, he loves eating potato chips and really loves to drink from a straw. His favorite position to sleep in is on his back with his belly showing in case anyone gets the urge to rub it for him.

     Sam is very chatty, he loves to talk and can't stand to be ignored. When I talk to him, he talks back as if he is answering me. He is very affectionate and possessive, when I am laying down, he will lay on the side closes to the edge to push me in and has one part of his body on me. If I move, he moves. When he wants love, he will sit on my chest with both paws around my head to make sure I see him so I rub on him. If I pause, he will talk to me to let me know he is not finished yet. He is very smart, he likes to sit on the nightstand and turn the radio on. He knows which button to step on to turn on the music. He also hates the alarm clock since he knows that means that mommie is leaving to go to work. He will try and turn off the alarm, which is how he learned to turn the radio on. He does it so frequently that I had to set my cell as a back up and he will knock that off the nightstand and under the bed. He has beautiful blue eyes, hates when I take pictures of him, which is why he closes his eyes all the time. He loves to play with balls or string or he just loves to jump out and scare me. I can find him hiding in my closet to pounce when I get ready in the mornings, as the picture shows with his big sis. He also loves going outside and playing in the yard. I tried to include a couple of his eyes open but they are not to clear. I will try and take one during the day when it is bright enough to take it without a flash.

     He has an adorable big sister who loves to sit in the sink and act like she is taking a bath. Sam's sister Bootsie is a Sylvester type and she loves to drink out of straws too..

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