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Kitcat Enya the Gray Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kitcat Enya
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Gray Tabby mix
Home: Virginia, USA
   This is Kitcat Enya. Her name at the SPCA was Enya, but my brother wanted to change it to Kitcat. But we've been recently listening to the music of Enya, so when we saw a small grey kitten at the shelter with that same name, we took it as a sign that we should get her. A lot of people loved the name Enya (including me :) But since we were getting a cat for my brother, he got to decide the name.

     We just recently adopted her a few days before Halloween! She is so adorable and curious about everything! For now, we are keeping her mostly in one room, because we have dogs and other cats that are hostile towards her. But we let her explore the whole house sometimes and slowly we will get to the point where she can rome free and go outside too. She has the cutest little leopard spots on her belly! And her eyes are so big!

     When we first brought her home, she had a little cold from being at the shelter around so many other kittens, and it hasn't quite gone away yet. So you can always tell she is in a room because you hear her loud sniffs as she smells all the new objects around her. But her cold is slowly going away which is good :)

     She also loves playing with little small things she finds lying around. And if you hold a toy still and don't move it, she will get low to the ground as if she is hunting and stalking prey and then she will suddenly pounce on the toy! It is so cute when she does this!

     When she is scared, she will cling to you. But she hasn't learned yet to keep her claws in because when she clings to your skin, she will use her claws so she leaves little scratches! But she is still learning!

     Kitcat is actually more brave than scared, though. She is very curious about her new home. We have let her and the other cats see each other a little bit. Blaze has a tendency to be hostile towards our outdoor cat, Carly, so we were worried he would be mean to Kitcat too, but so far all he's done is give her that "I'm the boss, and don't try to challenge me" look. Pixie is the same, she will not bother Kitcat as long as Kitcat doesn't bother her. Carly hasn't met her yet because Kitcat hasn't been outside that much, but I don't think Carly would show aggression to her. Overall, the cats are not happy that she is here, but I think they know that they can't hurt her because she is part of the family now. And I think they can tell she's only a kitten and couldn't really hurt them either!

     But the dogs we still have to be careful about. We have two dogs and one of them, Monty tends to attack cats he doesn't know, so we have to be extra careful not to let him be around the kitten. We hope that eventually he will accept her, like he has accepted Pixie and Blaze. But he has not accepted Carly yet and is very aggressive towards her. So that is why we won't let him be around Kitcat.The other dog, Frida just likes to stare at cats, we don't think she would try to hurt them, but she does like to fixate on any cat she sees. We don't really know how she would react around Kitcat but we have to be careful just in case

     There are too many wonderful things to say about this little kitty, but I can't say them all unfortunately. She is growing bigger every day, and we look forward to many, many more years with her! We all love little Kitcat Enya so much!

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