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Cocoa the Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Cocoa
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
   Her name is Cocoa, and I am her owner and friend - Jeffrey. She is a Maine Coon mix probably.

      Cocoa loves to play and to be close to my wife and I. Every morning she wakes me at 5:30am so that I can pet her and then lies right beside me and goes to sleep. At 6:00am my alarm goes off and she knows that means its breakfast time for her and she follows me to get her bowl filled.

      Cocoa was a stray that appeared at my sister-in-law's home. She was extremely friendly and my nieces began to feed her. We offered to take her then, but they insisted they were going to take her into their home. They didn't, and she became pregnant. They then took her in where she gave birth to 5 kittens. One later died. As they had one cat previously, they were unable to keep all the cats. But to our dismay, they had decided to keep a kitten and were going remove Cocoa from their home!

      My wife and I then adopted her, took her to her first Vet appointment to make sure she had her shots and was healthy and had her fixed. She took to our home very quickly and the three of us have been a happy family since. We couldn't imagine that little thing outside all alone through the cold weather. We look forward to many great years with our little buddy!

Cocoa the Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day

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