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CC the Domestic Shorthair Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: CC
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair Tabby
Home: Honor, Michigan, USA

      My name is CC. That's short for Christmas Cat 'cause that's when I was adopted from the Benzie County Animal Shelter. Life was kind of ruff after being at the shelter twice and then my owner passed away suddenly. I couldn't understand why I kept ending up back at the shelter. A nice man missed having a cat and decided to try me out. It helped that I was declawed even though we all hate that. His skin is very tender though.

      He has a wonderful house with big picture windows for me to do my bird watching. I also have a screened in porch to play with my chipmunk and duck friends through the door. I get to sleep in many different sun spots when I want. Even though dogs and sometimes a cat comes to visit, I let them know right away that it's my house! They always keep their distance after that.

      I'm very glad to know that I have a god mother who will look after me if anything happens to my dad. I highly recommend it for all pets. No more shelter for me!

      I love my cat food and treats, but I'm developing my palate with assorted human food. Cheese mmmmmm !!! I love boxes of course and we get lots of them in the mail. I keep my favorite toys in a corner that no one is allowed to touch but me. I love to chase string, feathers, and slide into the floor rugs until they're appropriately rumpled.

      I'm so glad I now have forever people who love me and keep me safe.

CC the Domestic Shorthair Tabby, the Cat of the Day CC the Domestic Shorthair Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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