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Meg the Scottish Fold, the Cat of the Day
Name: Meg
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Scottish Fold
Home: Te Awamutu, North Island, New Zealand
   Meg is a Scottish Fold, living on a one-acre lifestyle block outside Te Awamutu, North Island, New Zealand. The breeding pool for Scottish Folds in New Zealand isn't that large, so unfortunately Meg's had a few skeletal problems (fused tail bones, bone growths on back legs).  Luckily, other than not being able to climb trees and leap dandelions in small bounds, it's not really affected her quality of life much.  I think Meg looks like a ''golden owl' … or what we in NZ call a 'Morepork' (our native owl). She is very affectionate but grumpy – that is, she'll snuggle up to you and follow you around but if you pick her up when she's not in the mood – forget it!

     She sits in this amusing pose quite often, I suspect with her bone problems it's more comfortable for her. As it turns out, lots of Scottish Folds prefer sitting this way, silly as it looks. She also has a perplexing habit of suddenly staring at a corner of the room or ceiling with a look of horror transfixed on her face. I'm not sure if she's seeing ghosts or whether she's playing a game of 'made you look!'. She's my little character, and I feel very protective of her, given her physical vulnerabilities – we try to make her life as cosy, loving and safe as we can.

Meg the Scottish Fold, the Cat of the Day

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