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The Clown the Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: The Clown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: cat
Home: Venice, California, USA
   Her name is The Clown. We aren't sure how old she is, but she's at least six, probably closer to seven. Breed? Well, we'll get to that. She was pretty much full grown when she appeared, nearly six years ago, in the alley behind our home where we first found her lurking beneath our car. We left food out for her every morning and evening, and each day she grew a little bolder, coming closer and closer, but always keeping her distance. She was named for her coloring, with that patch on one toe, one on her nose, etc., not for any clown-like demeanor.

     After a year, maybe two, she drew up her courage and jumped onto the high limb of a peach tree jutting above the fence that separated our garden from her alley. This became her home, her "power spot", her vantage point to observe both us in our garden and any activity in the alley; usually while keeping only one eye slightly cocked. Our peach tree became a haven from which she seldom ventured except to visit her food bowl in the alley below. Since we live in Venice, California, we dubbed her breed as a "Venetian Tree Cat."

     After almost four years, as I was filling her food bowl one evening, she rubbed against my ankles, tentatively, fleetingly, then scurried away when I leaned down to pet her. This became a ritual, and every day she let my hand come a little closer, until, finally, I discovered that her fur was like silk. That first tentative pet led to more and longer daily stroking. Eventually she would cuddle her ear next to my leg as if to demand a petting. But for another year her domain remained only our alley and her tree.

     Then, early one morning last year, I glanced through the door beside our peach tree. There, sitting on our deck, was The Clown, looking back at me through the pane of glass as though she ruled our property - which now she does. She is benificent in her rule, and "allows" much daily stroking of her royal fur, food and adoration. And we gladly provide it all!

The Clown the Cat, the Cat of the Day

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