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Ti-Gris the Tabby Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Ti-Gris
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Candiac, Quebec, Canada
   We would like to introduce you to Ti-Gris (French for Little Grey), also known as Bobby, Bobby-Cat, Little Man, Ball of Fur, Creature Head, Boy, Houdini, etc. Bobby Cat is eleven years old and has been with us since he was three months old. We bought him at a pet shop and he wasn't in a very healthy state at the time. Being students and having no vehicle to bring him to the vet we were traveling with him hidden in my girlfriend's coat so the bus driver wouldn't notice the Little Man. But, nonetheless he noticed his ears peeking out under her chin anyways. With plenty of medication, love & affection Bobby became a healthy, playful kitten in no time. Over the past 11 years we have moved several times from one apartment to another. He always used to go out on the balconies but none were ever ground level so grass was out of the question. Last spring Bobby became a happy little man when we bought our home and he discovered grass!!! This is a picture of him ( with his harness on of course) on his deck. I think he thinks he died and went to heaven this summer when he realized that this was his new home!

      Bobby Cat loves: water, water, water, milk, chicken, flies, water, grass, pringles (regular only), grass, water, fish, steak, toast crumbs, black olives, animal documentaries, empty boxes, water, newspapers, sunshine, fireplace, warm water from a bubble bath.

      Bobby Cat hates: the car, soft drinks, oranges, light in his face, when his nose is cold, rainy days, scotch tape on his head, when we say "No" when he wants to go out, snow banks.

      Bobby is half cat, half human, simple as that! He always seems to have the right expression on his face at those moments something has happened. When we get home from work we'll ask him "How was your day Bobby," and he'll respond to us every time but not until we have finished speaking first. About 90% of the time he is in the same room as us except when there's birds or squirrels or other cats he sees through the window or if he's drinking water from the tap in the bathroom. (he won't drink anywhere else) He is super affectionate, both with us and visitors. Bobby Cat is a real member of the family and life without him wouldn't be the same. We love him dearly and we're excited about the next eleven years to share with him!

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