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Artemis the Japanese Bobtail, the Cat of the Day
Name: Artemis
Age: Three and half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Japanese Bobtail
Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA
   We adopted our first Japanese bobtail about five years ago and fell in love with the breed. We didn't think we'd ever find another stray bobtail but we occasionally would look at a local shelter to see if it happened to have one. Imagine our surprise when one day we stopped in and found a sweet, shy 5-month-old kitten. He had been found the night before in the middle of a snow storm.

     It took Art about two years to get over his early trauma - he spent most of that time hiding in a closet. The only one in the family he really liked was our dog, Lexie, who adopted him as her own puppy and frequently groomed him. He learned how to wag his tail like a dog, wrestle like a puppy, and come when called.

     Art has now grown in to an extremely loving and demanding cat. He enjoys nuzzling against almost anything he can find. He bats at us whenever he wants to have some attention and frequently attempts to wake us up in the middle of the night to be pet.

     He is the most adorable cat and we feel so lucky to have him.

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