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Feline Fine the Tabby, Abyssinian mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Feline Fine
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby, Abyssinian mix
Home: Florala, Alabama, USA
   Feline is a lazy, somewhat arrogant cat that definitely believes herself to be queen of the house. She refuses to be bothered by mice, birds, lizards, etc. Her preference is to watch over her queendom and ignore all who wish to speak to her. I, however, love her and she's all mine!

     Feline came to us as a stray with another cat, maybe her sister, Oreo. We fed her and were very depressed when a family came by and Oreo and Feline followed them home. But soon after, a young cat came to our door, Feline! We called the other family and made sure Oreo was safe, and she was there with her new family! Feline soon became a member of our family, sitting comfortably in our laps all hours of the day! Soon after, she made herself comfortable in a new chair, now known as "Feline's Throne". If someone tries to sit there we have to stop him or her saying, "Oh sorry, that's our cat's chair..." Is she spoiled or what?

     She is spoiled rotten and loves teasing her house mate, our black lab Timon, whom we also rescued. She is very happy at home, getting pets and attention from every "servant" who comes through "her" door.

     I am so happy she came to our family, she is such a sweet little angel and I couldn't ask for a better pet. She has always been loyal and trustworthy, but sometimes disobedient. ;)

     I love my Fe-Fe so much and I hope you have a pet that you adore as much as I do her!

Feline Fine the Tabby, Abyssinian mix, the Cat of the Day

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