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Pom the Bombay, the Cat of the Day
Name: Pom
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bombay
Home: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
   I would like to introduce Pom. He is around three years old (not really sure as he is a rescue cat). We believe he is a Bombay cat because of his large size, intelligence and glossy coat. We live in Whitby, Ontario, just East of Toronto in Canada. What makes Pom special is his compassion toward his younger brother and his high intelligence. Pom very quickly became aware of the outside world and begged me to go outside, so I purchased a harness and walked him in a small part of our neighborhood every day. We have groundhogs, coyotes and foxes living here so I couldn't let him walk alone. After a few months I decided to ditch the harness and surprisingly Pom does not leave my side when we go for our walks.

     We are not sure how long he has as he has a heart condition, but he is very strong and adventurous. It is called a "type 4" condition where the heart skips a little when beating. He's a very fit, strong cat so we are not too worried.

     Pom likes to jump on my back when he wishes to go somewhere and sits on my chest when I lie down on the bed. He is also very kind towards our youngest cat and usually lets him eat his food if little Pickle finishes his meal first.

     Happy New Year to you!!

Pom the Bombay, the Cat of the Day Pom the Bombay, the Cat of the Day

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