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Stormy Pants the Abyssinian, the Cat of the Day
Name: Stormy Pants
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian
Home: Singapore
   Don't let Mr Stormy Pants' dignified appearance fool you because he is a goofy boy. With his big ears he hears every sound and runs to investigate anything unusual, the sound of the cat food cabinet or the sound of his dish being washed. When he gets frustrated, such as when his dinner is not coming fast enough, he spins in circles. He gets dizzy, stops and then spins again, sometimes changing directions, sometimes falling over. When there is a cat race through the house, he is the instigator.

     He sits at the window and growls at people on the sidewalk across the street, delivery trucks and unusual noises. However, if a stranger comes in the house he immediately hides and reappears, much later, only when he is sure they are gone. He likes to experiment with new foods and recently has taken a liking to maple cookies. We have three Abys each with distinctive personalities, however I have never met a cat like Stormy Pants. He is strictly a one person cat and only allows his people Mom to touch him. True to the Abysinnian breed he is very intelligent, curious, and active. He makes us laugh every day and added a great joy to our lives.

Stormy Pants the Abyssinian, the Cat of the Day

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