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Toffee the Russian Blue mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Toffee
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Blue mix
Home: South Africa
   My name is Toffee, I am thirteen years old, I am a mix between a Russian Blue and an unknown kind. I live in South Africa.

     My mommy says I am so special 'cause when she and daddy moved into their new flat she was very lonely without any furries, so daddy got me as a surprise for her. I love to play bizz-bizz (string with ribbon on the bottom) with daddy, eat lizzies (lizards) and tweet-tweets (birds).

     When mommy is sad, I just have to look at her with my cute round eyes and she just feels a lot better. Thank you for loving me so much mommy and daddy, I love you so much too.

     Mom here: Toffee was rescued from a farm where there were so many kitties that they were climbing in the dustbin and getting thrown away with the rubbish! My boyfriend and I moved into our own place and when we heard about this cruelty, my boyfriend went and got him as a surprise for me, the next day we went back to go and get his twin brother Teddy.

     He is very bossy and loves doing his own thing, he is so independent tha he usually just come in for a quick bite and then out again to go and catch some mice and lizards. His favourite game is playing bizz-bizz and he has some mighty fast claws :) He only speaks to scold us for picking him up and loving him because we interrupted his fun!

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