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Remu the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day
Name: Remu
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: Helsinki, Finland
   This is Remu! I got him and his brother Romu just a couple of days after my seventh birthday. Getting cats in that age was a dream of mine and at first I didn't even believe that the two white balls of fur were going to come home with me. Their names come from the two legendary Roman emperors; Romulus and Remus. Remus being the smarter or the two, but Romulus being stronger after drinking more of the wolf mother's milk who - the legend says- saved them.

     They both turned ten on the 17th of January and have lived mostly healthy lives so far. They first lived with us in an apartment for 6 years, and rarely went outside. A few years ago, we mover to a slightly bigger house further away from the city and now we even have our own backyard. It took them quite a while to get used to the outdoors, but Remu took to it almost instantly. He has always been adventurous and brave. Within a week he had established a large territory that he still patrolls with me every change he gets. He only goes out in a leash of course, he doesn't know how to handle dogs, other cats or foxes so I need to keep him safe. He fears nothing. He has never ran away from a big dog (ecxept teh small, noisy and annoying ones), actually, the next door saint Bernard runs away from him. He has not and probably will never hurt a dog, but he does make sure to show them who is in charge by walking up to them head on and meowing loudly to show off his large white teeth.

     Before the snow fell down this year, he figured out something new that I have never seen him do before. After a lifetime of living indoors he has started to run after rabbits. He never stops suprising me!

     His favourite things to do are playing with his peacock feather toy, chasing rabbits and getting shoulder and backrubs. He is super affectionate and will climb onto my lap when I'm doing work or drawing.

     As you may have noticed; though he is a sweetheart, he is super bossy and pushes around his prother when he is bored. He has never injured his brother, but his brother has clawed him in the face a few times. Not his fault, but Remu does push his limits from time to time to remind him that he is in charge.

     He also loves people, travelling to new places and being photographed.

     I could actually believe that he is smart enough to know what a camera is because he aways seems to pose beautifully whenever he sees the lense directed towards him. He knows how to open doors, knows tricks like high five, give paw and roll. He also knows and obeys commands such as sit, stay, look at me/ignore, down and stop. Over all his smarts are amazing and I could go as far as to say that he is a better ”dog” in our area than any other dog I've seen so far.

     He and his brother are the best thing that has come to my life so far, like any other pet I belive they are very unique and I'll never have pets like them. They've been with me trough thick and thin and they'll stay on my side for the rest of their happy and action filled senior years.

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