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Whiskey the Tuxedo and Corky the Tabby, the Cats of the Day
Name: Whiskey, Corky
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo, Tabby
Home: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
   Even though I got my cats at separate times, I am honoring them as a team because they are now the best of buds and brothers from other mothers.

     Whiskey came to me last year from a family whose dog was threatening him after they had a baby. I was broken hearted over the recent loss of my dear cat Ernie to cancer at the young age of six. My remaining cat Rodney was a very nervous formal feral and needed an companion cat so I agreed to take Whiskey. What a great decision it was – he is such an awesome cat. He is a very chill and laid back boy. He got on really well with Rodney after a few days of separation and helped ease Rodney's grief.

     Much to my absolute and utter shock and devastation, within a few months Rodney also got terminal cancer at the age of six. I had to make the second terrible decision in a short time to let him go. I was in the process of moving as well, so I decided to wait until I had moved to get another cat to be Whiskey's companion.

     Once all was settled, I went to the SPCA and found my little Corky. I couldn't have made a better choice. He is the dearest and goofiest guy ever. The fact that he is so loving and trusting is a testament to his sweet nature because he was seized from a hoarding situation and had been very mistreated. Once again, after a few days of separation he and Whiskey became friends for life.

     I have since gone through another traumatic life event, and I honestly don't know if I could have gotten through it without these little guys. I have wonderful family, friends, kids and grandkids but these two cats are the daily constants in my life.

     Their days consist of wrestling with one another, acting excited to get their canned food and then rejecting it, begging for treats, sitting and watching the squirrels outside, and playing with their many toy mice and catnip pillows. They love everyone and when there are parties or guests over they are in the thick of things. They are completely unafraid of my toddler grandchildren and are so tolerant of them. Once playtime is over they fight for space on my lap and I usually end up with the two of them sleeping on me, although I first have to get quite a vigorous tummy massage from Whiskey.

     I am crazy cat lady who has had many cats over the years and I have loved them all very dearly, but these two are very special.

Whiskey the Tuxedo and Corky the Tabby, the Cats of the Day Whiskey the Tuxedo and Corky the Tabby, the Cats of the Day Whiskey the Tuxedo and Corky the Tabby, the Cats of the Day Whiskey the Tuxedo and Corky the Tabby, the Cats of the Day

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