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Sarah the Manx mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sarah
Age: Nine weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Manx mix
Home: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
   Meet Sarah, the newest addition to my family. She showed up at a friend's house so of course she now lives with me. Sarah is about nine weeks old and she lives in Chattanooga. She has the prettiest markings I have ever seen and no tail at all - so we figure she has Manx in her family tree! She was so tiny when I first got her - just over two pounds. But she is growing quickly!

     Sarah has a big brother named Danny who wasn't so sure about her at first. In a matter of days, however, they were best friends. Danny licks Sarah constantly and they play, chase, jump and just act silly all the time. The world is brand new for Sarah and it is refreshing to watch her discover things that she had never seen before. I love watching her and seeing the world through her eyes!

Sarah the Manx mix, the Cat of the Day Sarah the Manx mix, the Cat of the Day

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