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Excalibur the Shorthair mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Excalibur
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair mix
Home: Gilbert, Arizona, USA
   Excalibur is ten years old, and besides being a short-haired cat, we really do not know what breed he is. His head looks like a tabby cat. But his body has a ticked coat like an Abyssinian. We have never seen any cat quite like him! Excalibur is our oldest cat in the house. He enjoys cuddling. And another strange thing is he can not meow. He opens his mouth to do so, but no sound comes out. He has always been this way, so we do not know is is was something he was born with, or wht!

     As a classic cat in other ways, his hobbies include eating. Eating a lot. And asking for food. Because he cannot meow, he communicates other ways, by getting our attention with a rub agaonst our ankles, or a paw tapping, I cannot quite explain it, but it is obvious when it happens. In any case, he is a good cat, and we love him.

Excalibur the Shorthair mix, the Cat of the Day

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