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Zoë the Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Zoë
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Davenport, Florida, USA
   Her name is Zoë, and she is 14 years old. She is a tabby that we adopted from the Humane Society. She currently resides in Davenport, Florida with her three sisters.

     When we went to the shelter, we just went to visit with the kitties and give them some love. Well, this was shortly after Hurricane Katrina and they were over run with refugees from the New Orleans. We visited with many cats in the "cat room" but on our way out through the lobby, there were cages there with more kittens in them. We watched this feisty one that was climbing all over the cage, even to the top and hanging upside down. We asked to take her out, and she fell asleep in our arms. She is the sweetest little girl in the world and has no fear, even from her 20-pound "sister" who is seven years her senior.

     She seldom meows, but "squeaks" when she comes near you, or jumps on the couch or chair you are sitting in.

     When she first came home with us, she thought it was the best thing in the world to sleep on my pillow above my head and knead my hair until she fell asleep. She is -and always will be - my baby girl.

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