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Calley the Tortoiseshell mix , the Cat of the Day
Name: Calley
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell mix
Home: Northern Ontario, Canada
   Hi there. This is Calley, also known as "Miss Hiss." We adopted her from a family that couldn't keep her. When she is very displeased she will hiss like mad. She is six years old now, and weighs a whopping seven pounds. Calley livens up our home here in Carrboro. She is a real Daddy's Girl, always following Brien around, and sleeping on him whenever possible. It's fun to see my former Marine tough guy (he's 6'4") with a little bitty cat on his chest. She also helps him use the computer by walking on the keyboard.

     She does like me, too. She loves to follow me into the bathroom and help me run water into the bath. She meows at water, and at me, when I'm in the bath. Calley "helps out" a lot at our house, knocking things off of tables, breaking the blinds by trying to get to the cat outside who sits on the outside window ledge. But we couldn't live without her, and wouldn't want to try.

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