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Emma the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Emma
Age: Deceased, twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Brown Tabby
Home: Cromwell, Connecticut, USA
   Here is my baby Emma! My precious little princess who is now keeping her grandpa company in heaven. Emma showed up on my deck back in November 2008. I figured she was someone's cat but she started showing up more often and I started feeding her. She did not like my furry son Sparky. She used to scream outside and bang her paws on my back deck window if she saw him.

     Then one day I noticed she was injured and I contacted my town's animal control officer since most shelters will not accept animals who are injured. God Bless Cromwell CT Animal Control as they picked her up, got her medical attention, and bought her to a wonderful shelter called CATALES. Well, you can guess where this is going. I could not stop thinking about her, and went to visit her at CATALES. I was so impressed with what a wonderful environment CATALES has for homeless kittens and cats, I asked them if I can volunteer. Every time I volunteered, I went over to see her and on March 25, 2009, I officially adopted her! I was SO nervous about bringing her home, knowing how unhappy she was when she saw Sparky in the window. But I kept them separated for about six weeks and slowly introduced them, and eventually she accepted him. She used to smack him around and he loved it. Go figure!

     Unfortunately in November 2011, she was diagnosed with a kidney problem. There was nothing we could do to help her, other than keeping her comfortable and giving her a lot of love. She went over to the Rainbow Bridge on May 11, 2012. I cried like a baby for days, and even now, I still shed tears as I miss her very much.

     God Bless you in heaven, Emma. Until I see you again, hugs and kisses.

Emma the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day Emma the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day Emma the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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