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Toulouse the Cornish Rex, the Cat of the Day
Name: Toulouse
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cornish Rex
Home: Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada
   Hi, my name is Toulouse. I am named after one of the kittens in "The Aristocats" because it's my mother's favorite movie. As you can see I'm a very slender cat and due to this I can get around and through anything I want. My parents get very scared when I balance myself on the top of the bathroom door or the many water pipes that run through our basement appartment.

     A lot of people say that I'm ugly because I look weird and I have large ears and a long tail, but my parents think I'm the cutest cat in the world. One thing is certain, I don't leave anyone indifferent. I'm also very proud of my curly coat and whiskers. Everyone thinks I look funny, but once you touch my fur you can't get enough of it.

     My pastimes are cuddling up to my brother Hendrix, chasing around my baby brother Mini, sleeping under the covers with my parents, but what I like most is jumping onto my parents shoulders, curl around their neck and hanging on for the ride. Life is good!

Toulouse the Cornish Rex, the Cat of the Day

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