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Arabella the Persian, the Cat of the Day
Name: Arabella
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian
Home: Shadyside, Ohio, USA
   This is my Arabella (but we call her Bella). She is my only girl of the four feline members of our family. That in itself makes her special.

     I and my husband bought our home, and I had told him that I wanted a "beat up old tom cat" and a "prissy furry girl, that feet never hit dirt". Well, I found my tom cat really quick but I just could not find Arabella (I had already picked my name before I found her).

     In the meantime my husband found another boy and brought him home, I still wanted my "Bella." One December 13th, my friend found an ad in the paper for a "full blooded persian, spayed and free to good home". I took the number and when I got home I told my husband that I think I found my "Bella." We called the number and the lady was very nice but very concerned about who would take her cat. She was very busy with a husband, five kids and one on the way, two dogs and two horses and said that she didn't want to give her away but felt that she was not taking care of her the way she should. I explained that I did not want her to do anything other than just be pretty.

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