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Linus the Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Linus
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany
   Hello, my friend`s pet name is Linus. He is one year old. Linus is a Siamese mix cat. He lives in a house, but he likes it outside too. I like Linus because he`s pretty and very nice. When I visit my friend, I often play with him. He likes that, and likes me, too. He will come running when I arrive and call his name.

      I cannot have a cat where I live, so Linus is like my pet who lives with my friend. They love him too, of course, as he belongs to them. The second picture shows Linus and his brother Liam is in the background. In the picture they were six weeks old. He is much bigger now, but is every bit as cute!

Linus the Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day

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