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Dink the Domestic Longhair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Dink
Age: Nine years oldd
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Longhair
Home: Conrad, Iowa, USA
   I found Dink in a parking lot nine years ago, he was just a wee pathetic looking thing and I fell for him. I was scared he would be run over so approached him. When I got within six feet of him I could see fleas all over him! This little one needed a flea bath whether he was old enough or not. The fleas would do more damage than the flea product. His hair was gone from his shoulders to his ears where he had scratched so much.

     I gave him a bath and combed him for hours trying to rid him of fleas. I really didn't think I would keep him (I┬áhad three dogs and five cats already) so I put him on the front porch. I didn't need any fleas coming in the house with him. I knew I would have no problem finding a home for what I thought might be a long haired white cat. It took a couple weeks for me to realize he was deaf, he didn't play like other kittens, wasn't enticed by scratching sounds but when he did play he was mean! He also held a grudge and would smack you a half hour later if you had made him mad.

     Once knowing he was deaf I figured he was better off with me. He fit right in, no one had a problem with him. He grew into one handsome cat! He has learned a few hand signals over the years but he sleeps so soundly that you usually have to wake him gently to get his attention. Most cats sleep a lot! When they can't hear they sleep even more! He is the 'old man" of the house but being deaf he never tried to take the role of alpha cat, he is content to sleep while the others hash it out!

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