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Borrego the Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Borrego
Age: Thirteen years old old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese
Home: Lakeside, California, USA
   I had several cats before the Witch Fire (southern California wildfire ) destroyed my home in Oct 2007. I had to give the other cats away and I only kept Borrego . He is named after the Anza Borrego Desert and State Park in San Diego county, California . He is the color of the desert. His favorite food is chicken. He loves to go camping with me and he runs real fast to a tree and then up the tree then back down and runs over to another tree and up . He loves to run up trees He is scared of deer, which of course are no danger to him. When camping he also loves to sit and watch the things outside in the night. I have a blinking collar for him that he wears when he is on supervised nighttime adventures. When at home he loves to sleep in the morning sunlight through the window

     He loves to spin in a chair. He also likes to be swatted with a flyswatter. He loves also to be brushed - any attention is great, he thinks! When camping he will sleep under the covers with me, but at home he sleeps on top of the covers at my feet. He misses me when I leave for a day and is eager to greet me when I return. He is pretty much the perfect California cat.

Borrego the Siamese, the Cat of the Day Borrego the Siamese, the Cat of the Day

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