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Puddin the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Puddin
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: Independence, Missouri, USA
   This is the strange tale of Puddin. She is a rescue, and the unhappiest cat I have ever known. When I first saw her, she was living with a herd of ferals. I thought she was such a beauty, and she looked a bit like Lark, my beloved cat, (former Cat of the Day, in ,August 2001). She would let me pick her up so I knew she wasn't a feral. I got her into a carrier and whisked her off to the vet. Amazingly, she had no diseases, and she was spayed, and chipped! As it happened, her owner had been deceased for one and a half years, so she had been tossed out to live rough. The vet had all her records, and she went from being "Junior”, what a name for a pretty girl, to Puddin, as in Puddin' Pie. What a misname!

     She loves me and hates my other two cats. She hates the dogs. Whenever one of them approaches her she growls and sometimes attacks. My youngest cat has grown tired of this and now attacks her. The vet told me she was about ten a year and a half ago. She was very scrawny, and had a matted coat, so after intense grooming to filling out to now being a bit chubby.

     Truly, I would like to rehome her, but everyone I know is up to their eyeballs in cats. She so wishes to be in a one-pet home, and everyone I know has multiple pets. I hate only having only one picture of her to send, but I just don't get many shots of her. She deserves her own special day, after all she has been through.

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