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Garfield the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Garfield
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby mix
Home: Edmonton, Alberts, Canada
   Garfield is my handsome boy, he is an orange and white tabby cat with no fancy pedigree, but that would be not why he is special anyway. Garfield was only four weeks old when I found him, so we have spent many years together, from his very needy kitten stage - far too young to be away from his cart momma, to his awkward stages of kittenhood and more. As he is getting up in years, Garfield likes to sleep all day and night. He is so sweet, and calm and his purr keeps me going through difficult days, His favourite human food is yogurt - plain, please - and he has a niece named Kat. He also likes to play with her.

     He is just the best cat ever, and I love him very much. I hope we have many many more years together.

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