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Madison the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day
Name: Madison
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell
Home: Hamden, Connecticut, USA
   Madison came to us one summer from the Greater New Haven Cat Project. She is a polydactyl who also carries her tail curled back over her spine, a trait we suspect may be inherited; when she learns to use her extra toes as opposable thumbs, she'll undoubtedly rule the world. Here we see her working on her computing skills.

     In addition to helping her male human on the computer, Madison likes to play editorial assistant when her female human is writing; she sits between the Levenger Editor's Desk and the kitchen window, alternately looking out the window at the birds and rubbing her head against Kim's pen hand.

     Madison's all-time favorite domestic task is changing the bedsheets. When she hears the rustle of linens she comes running from any room in the house and leaps into the middle of them. She especially enjoys rolling on the bare mattress pad to show off her glorious orange and black tummy fur and burrowing completely under the bedspread so that only a moving lump is visible.

     Madison loves the plastic rings off milk jugs and cartons of coffee cream. She bats them under the furniture and carries them around in her mouth. She chews a new fuzzy mouse toy into pieces every month or so. But the toy she likes best is a long strip of polar fleece fabric attached to a wand and dragged along the rug for her to pounce on. She'll make a long series of wheedling meows and prrrts until one of us stops what we're doing to play the polarfleece game - even if it's late at night and we were asleep!

     Madison sleeps on Kim's pillow, curled around her head and purring into her ear. She always knows when one of us needs extra affection and will lick our wrists and hair. She had a reputation as a sourpuss when she was at the Cat Project because she doesn't like other cats, but once she became our only cat she turned into a real cuddlepuss. We hope to enjoy her trills and purrs for many years to come!

     The first picture shows Madison helping with the computer. The second shows her favorite daytime sleeping spot. She also loves to help with bed-making.

     Aside from having a very lovable personality - she spends most of the night cuddling up with us in bed unless she wants us to get up and play in which case she runs around meowing -- and lovely tweed- colored fur, Maddy is a very distinctive cat. She has extra toes, and a curly tail. When greeting us after work, her curly tail quivers with excitement.

     Maddy chose my wife as her special person when my wife was a volunteer at a local shelter; she came to live with us back when the vet estimated her age as about six years old.

     Some days my wife telecommutes and Maddy gets to help with work all day; she really enjoys that! Maddy does not enjoy the noise of the vacuum cleaner, which we refer to as the growl monster, but she loves rolling around on the fluffy carpeting afterward -- and of course removing her fur is the main reason we need to vacuum those carpets. It's a vicious cycle!

Madison the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day

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