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Mary the Bombay, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mary
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bombay
Home: Minnesota, USA
   This is Mary. She is a Bombay cat. She is now ten years old. Mary is a rescue. She is very sweet and fun. So full of energy and life. She lights up my day every minute.

     I was walking through Petsmart all those years ago in Plymouth, Minnesota and thought I would look at the cats up for adoption. I thought it would be good therapy for me because one month before that, my 17-year-old cat (who I adored) was put down do to cancer. I had no plans on getting a cat but this one had plans on my getting her. My name is Elizabeth Mary and when I walked through the cat area this cute little black cat was sticking her paw out the cage grabbing me. I looked up at her and fell in love. Her name was Mary Elizabeth I knew it was faith, and fate.

     Mary is my little shadow every where I go she is sure to follow. Oh my gosh, she is a leaper - she has springs in her little legs I swear. She leaps right over the dogs it's pretty cute. She is very special in every way.

Mary the Bombay, the Cat of the Day

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