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Dimitri the Mediumhair Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Dimitri
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mediumhair Cat
Home: Tama, Iowa, USA
   Dimitri Makar is just such a love kitty! He is the first male cat I've ever had - I thought he was a "she" when I got him as a kitten! (That fluff will fool you every time!) I ALMOST took him back, but he looked at me with those eyes and meowed like "don't take me back" so I kept him! He is just a little lover - he is also my second alarm clock - he does an excellent job of waking me up by licking my face if I oversleep through my alarm. He is much harder to ignore than the actual clock, and does not have a "snooze" button! He's saved me many times, and he is very persistent in getting me up. Even if I cover up my head he will dig underneath the covers to get to my face.

     Dmitri is smart, too. He is pretty good about NOT getting me up on the weekends - but sometimes he does forget! He must think I just didn't set my alarm or something, but he is just to sweet to get mad at. He is so soft, his fur feels like silk, and we all know no outfit is complete without a bit of cat hair on it right? Black is eternally chic, after all. He is a very special cat!!

Dimitri the Mediumhair Cat, the Cat of the Day

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