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Logan the British Red Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Logan
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: British Red Tabby
Home: Nottingham, England, UK
   Although Logan is our youngest cat, she runs the household. She has a few obsessions which are between her and her wits end that certainly make her special. The first is the stairs. Logan can often be found sat on the middle stair guarding it, with one of the other cats either above or below her trying to get past. Cat or otherwise is not allowed to pass without receiving a clip round the ear or back of the leg.

     The main other obsession is the bathroom. This door must not be closed at any time or else Logan takes it upon herself to headbutt it open. Once inside, Logan will proceed with a display of rolling, chasing her shadow, jumping on your knee and peering in the bath.

     On the odd occasion where she is not on the stairs or in the bathroom, Logan can be found, heard and seen charging up and down the livingroom bouncing a ping pong ball off anything that will make a noise. Logan has got to be the centre of attention at all times!!

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