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Amani the Chinchilla Persian, the Cat of the Day
Name: Amani
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla Persian
Home: Bolton, Lancaster, England, United Kingdom
   Amani is my Persian - her coloring and type is called Chinchilla, and she is now 14 months old.

     She is such a friendly, lively and funny cat! Her name means gentle companion in Arabic and that's exactly what she is.

     Every day when I get out of bed she, jumps into my side of the bed and cuddles up to my husband. Then she joins me in the bathroom so we can brush our teeth (and yes I brush her teeth too) and wash our faces. Then she will sit in the sink while I have a shower. While I put my make up on she sits next to me and looks in the mirror and I have to pretend to put mascara on her. She just stays still until I finish.

     Her favourite food is steamed chicken and steamed fish, especially if it is fresh from the market. SHe may be a bit spoiled, but she deserves it. She is full of energy and very nosey and always wants to get involved with everything, even when it comes to cleaning the fish tank we have.

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