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Nixxi the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Nixxi
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo
Home: Kulpmont, Pennsylvania, USA
   Hello everyone, this is Nixxi (named after Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue). When we learned of Nixxi we weren't exactly looking for another cat. Her previous owner had passed away and now "Miss Kitty" (as she was called) didn't have anywhere to go. We had agreed to foster Miss Kitty, who we now call Nixxi, until a stable and permanent home was found for her. When we brought Nixxi home, I was checking her for fleas and I found a tick stuck in the back of her neck! The thing was HUGE. My heart dropped and we knew we had to get it off as soon as possible. We had called a friend of ours who is also a groomer and she told us how to get it off effectively. We got it off without a problem. We introduced Nixxi to our male cat, Puss. He fell in love with her instantly! We didn't expect this, considering Puss doesn't really like to many other cats. We had Nixxi for a few weeks when we decided that there was no way we could part with her. She's so sweet and I think Puss would die if she were to leave now. They have become best friends.

     Puss and Nixxi are about the same age, both declawed in the front and both spayed/neutered. It seemed perfect. Nixxi also has two other friends that live with us... a Rottweiler (Scooter) and an American Pitbull (Silvio). Nixxi absolutely loves Scooter. She likes to rub her tail under his chin and then she'll cuddle up with him. Nixxi is extremely vocal. She'll walk around the house meowing until she finds you. She also likes to walk around your feet while you're in the kitchen (we keep her treats there) and she'll meow until you give her a snack. We always find her napping in the silliest of spots. She likes to sleep in the middle of the hallway, up against the wall, with all 4 paws in the air. She's one of the sweetest kitties and I'm glad that we decided to foster her. Little did we know that the permanent home we were looking for would end up being our own!

Nixxi the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day

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