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Striker the Domestic Mediumhair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Striker
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Mediumhair
Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
   Striker was adopted from the Humane Society (along with his sister, Missiger) as a kitten. I could tell he was a "character" by the way he reached out and grabbed my pants leg as I walked by. He is affectionate and loves the company of people. If he doesn't get enough affection, he will resort to methods like weaving around my ankles while I'm trying to walk and knocking items off the nightstand while I'm asleep.

     Striker is the most gifted and artistic of my three cats. He recently made a kitty flap by clawing a hole in my new screen door, and earlier he created a stunning hammock for himself and his sister by simply tearing away part of the upholstry under the couch.

     As a small kitten, Striker enjoyed climbing up the side of my head and chewing on my ear while I was trying to read. I would disentangle him from my hair and clothes and place him in my lap, and a minute later he would be gnawing on my ear again.

     I read in a cat manual that one way to discourage bad behavior is to tap the kitten gently on the nose and say "NO." I tried it on Striker. He put up with it a few times, then he got mad. He hauled off and walloped me on my nose. I learned my lesson. Never again did I insult Striker's dignity.

     I had trouble finding a name for Striker and asked for suggestions from Melanie and Coryn, my great-nieces extraodinaire. Soon after the kitten had punched me in the nose, Melanie came up with the name 'Striker' though I hadn't yet told her that story. Is she psychic?

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