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Tiffany the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tiffany
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Apricot Tabby Cat
Home: Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, USA
   Tiffany is special because she is just funny. She is cuddly when she wants to be. She 'has' to sleep in between my knees every night. Even if I turn and sleep on my stomach, she still has to sleep in between my knees.

     Tiffany is so cute when she is hungry. She has a really loud purr and when she is hungry and I am asleep, she will come right up to my ear with her wet nose and her loud purr just to wake me up. If I don't wake up, she will lay right next to my head and just purr and purr and purr. Then after the 'fat' cat is fed, she will run around the house all crazy. It's like she is celebrating that she just got fed. Now, if you are awake and she is hungry, she just stares at you - like she is trying to telepathically tell you that she is hungry ... and likely to perish from starvation any moment. Gotta love her!

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