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Tushi the Manx, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tushi
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Manx
Home: West Virginia, USA
   This is my cat Tushi. She's a Manx that will be turning two this year, and she lives here with me in West Virginia!

     I was sitting at home one day, and I look out the window to see some of my family members were here. Great, I thought. Are they going to sit here forever and annoy me? Nope! It turns out they had rescued a small kitten from the road. They explained how she was ran over by two cars, but was lucky enough to be missed completely by the wheels, receiving no harm. I looked at the small kitten in the blanket. She was absolutely tiny. Then, what I wasn't expecting to happen, happened! They asked me if I wanted to keep her! I of course said yes, and immediately this little kitten was mine.

     When they left, I went inside and sat her on my bed. She started hissing at me. Right there you could tell she was already a little meanie. Not scared of anything.

     Now, she's still a stinky bratt, but I love her with all of my heart. She'll be cuddling with you and purring, acting like an angel, and a moment later she'll be biting you with no mercy. Whenever you try to scold her she acts all tough and doesn't listen no matter what you try to do. It's like nothing will stop this cat from doing what she wants when she wants to do it. Don't let the cute pictures of her trick you!

     Her favorite "toys" are bottle caps. Whenever you get a drink and give her the cap to it, she'll be playing with that sucker all day. And when she isn't playing with those, she's sleeping in her cat tower. Her lair.

     Tushi is the first pet I've ever had that would actually be called mine. This is also what makes her very special to me. She's like my own child. I'm proud of her. And I'm glad that she's my big, fat, mean cat.

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