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Callie and Frisky the Domestic Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day
Name: Callie, Frisky
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair Calico, Tabby
Home: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
   Callie and Frisky weren't picked out from a pet store, or even the humane society, nor did we plan to keep them. We found them, with their mother, living behind a table on our front porch. (Their sister Sasha was with them, but she was taken home by neighbours). We instantly fell in love with them, despite their terrified hissing and spitting. I desperately wanted to keep them, and my mother decided we might be able to if they stayed on our porch for a while. Soon after Sasha was taken, the mother moved her kittens away from the humans who stole her baby. We put food out for them, and watched them run through the bushes and play in our neighbours yards. One day, we found them under our back porch! They were still very shy, and were hesitant to come near us, but we coaxed them out with toys and treats, and we went out to feed them and play with them almost every day. After about three weeks of taming, Callie had been picked up before, and didn't run away for more than a minute. On a Friday night in July, when the kittens came out to play and have their treats, we picked them both up by the scruffs of their necks and carried them into the house.

     Now, they are good little house-kitties. Callie likes to purr in people's faces and wake them up, but at least that means she's a happy cat. Frisky likes to chase crinkled up balls of paper, and will sometimes even play fetch with one, to the delight of everyone watching her play. All that work to rescue them, and then win their trust, was time well spent.

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