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Chloe the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day
Name: Chloe
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell
Home: Georgia, USA
   This is Chloe, the most colorful of our tortie kittens - she was born in New Jersey with three tortie sisters, Tiggi, Marcy and Holly- their mom was Sophie, a very smart little tuxedo momma-cat who had three litters of kittens before we finally managed to catch her and put the cork in the bottle. When we caught Chloe, Tiggi and Marcy, we thought there might've been a fourth kitten- but we weren't sure, and we didn't see another one, so we hoped we had them all- but a year later, Holly, the 4th tortie kitten, showed up on my NJ roommate's porch with HER OWN four kittens! So they were ALL brought inside and made into housecats! All told, Sophie provided us with ten of her kittens and six or seven of her boyfriends, plus four grandkittens from Holly, before we caught her- and Sophie lived the last 7 years of her life as a pampered, loved and spoiled house cat!

     Chloe's tortie markings make her look kind of alarmed - with the white nose and big green eyes in that dark face with the orange and white bits of fur, she looks like she's saying "Oh, my God!" all the time- so we've nicknamed her "the OMG Cat". But she isn't alarmed at all- in fact, she's got a pretty soft life, with plenty of food and pets and laps to sit in and toys to play with, and she's very sweet and affectionate- she makes sure she gets plenty of attention and playtime when she wants it. And she has a very big purr, for a relatively small cat- and she's never shy about showing us she's happy! She and five of her siblings (or half-siblings) moved from NJ down to GA in 2010, and now they don't have to worry about those NJ winters any more-

     With her sweet personality, beautiful markings, and feral beginnings in life, we think Chloe richly deserves to be honored, like her half-brothers Cookie and Chessie have been-

Chloe the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day Chloe the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day

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