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Ping Pong the Calico, the Cat of the Day
Name: Ping Pong
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico
Home: Greenville, South Carolina, USA
   Ping Pong is the daughter of one of my other cats. She was born one May 31 and was the third of a litter of four kittens. Her mother, Carlotta was only a few months old herself when she had her babies, but delivered them all healthy and easily. Ping is the only kitten we kept and my brother named her what he did because he said her head was round like a ping pong ball.

     Ping and her mother stayed outside together ever since Ping was about nine weeks old. She is the best huntress we have and kills and eats critters just about every day (squirrels in particular).

     We have recently adopted another calico kitten, Lain, and Ping plays w/her continuously like she was her daughter.

     Ping doesn't come inside much but she really doesn't want to. My family enjoys watching all of our cats just play outside and hunt together like real cats naturally would. She has several nicknames ... Ping amongst the cabbages (she's always hunting critters in my neighbor's garden), Mary Jane (she's very laid back), Ping Kong, and there are several others.

     As you can see, she doesn't look much like a delicate female cat and she has retained the "wild cat "appearance. My mom and I guess it's from living a hearty life and all the delicious raw food she catches for herself.

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