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Prescilla the Longhair Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Prescilla
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Longhair Cat
Home: United States
   This is one of my cats, his name is Prescilla. He is probably about 13 years old and very sweet with people can be extremely jealous of other cats

     He followed my sister home one day and we decided to keep him around Christmas, he was in a very rough state but he was still very affectionate! He was most likely abandoned because he was neutered and had his shots already.

     We thought he was a girl until we had to take him to the vet when he was very sick and we learned he was indeed a boy. He's like a spineless noodle, he is extremely bendy. When we give him cat nip he drags himself across the floor and we're pretty sure he hallucinates. He loves to he held like a baby and just loves cuddles in general!

     We have no clue what his breed is. It doesn't matter, we love him just as he is.

Prescilla the Longhair Cat, the Cat of the Day Prescilla the Longhair Cat, the Cat of the Day

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